Additional Services



Airport Shuttle

A free AVIS shuttle bus is going to pick you up from St. Maarten Princess Juliana International Airport and brings you straight to your car.


Find your way on St. Maarten / St. Martin! Our car rental in Sint Maarten airport proposes GPS on all cars.

Baby seats and child boosters

We advise you to inform us when reserving your car rental in St Maarten airport if you wish to have a baby seat installed. Baby seats and child boosters are charged at a nominal fee.

Fuel Option

For best car rental in St Maarten, you can save time and money by taking the fuel option. This means your contract car rental in St Maarten includes a charge for a full tank (at preferential rates) when you collect your car so avoiding the time-consuming need to look for a gas station when you return the car which otherwise could have you miss your flight.

Extra Coverage

Liability Damage Waiver, and The Personal Assistance Insurance, to provide you with additional protection during your car rental in St Maarten airport. Check our insurance and extra coverage page for more information.